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While working at The University of Manchester, Managing Director, Cathy Thomas-Varcoe, was involved in a public engagement project that involved the development of five digital learning resources about Ancient Egypt aimed at an audience of key stage 2 children. Within a few months of making these freely available online, there had been thousands of teacher downloads - both nationally and internationally - and teachers stated that students were more engaged and learned more, and that their teaching was more innovative. They wanted more free resources and across all subject areas, particularly those who worked in schools located in more deprived areas. 


Our aim

'Inspired Minds' aims to create digital learning linked to the national curriculum for schools in deprived areas. This will improve access to quality, innovative digital learning for children from disadvantaged areas to improve learning outcomes and innovate teaching. 



How it works

We work closely with teachers and schools to identify the need for particular digital resources. Once funding is sourced, we bring together teachers, academics and industry subject specialists with our team to create innovative and engaging digital resources. The resources are then made available free of charge through a virtual learning environment or online library, which can be accessed by individuals or schools. 



Each digital learning resource has an in-built anonymous evaluation to assess how the children and young people find the resource. In addition to this we also circulate online evaluations to teachers to measure the impact of each resource on pupil engagement, pupil attainment and also teaching innovation. 



Free teaching resources

Quizlet sets for key stage 3 Spanish vocabulary


Quizlet sets for key stage 3 German vocabulary


Please contact us to be sent a Nearpod bundle of homophone resources.


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