'Success isn't just about what you accomplish in your life, it's about what you inspire others to do.'



Children and young people often feel limited by diminished expectations inadvertently placed on them by society, school, family and friends related to socio-economic background, gender, race, disability or learning difficulty. They feel defined by stereotype. Often they see no way out of this and are not provided with adequate support to understand that they can achieve more. Providing children and young people with inspirational stories and role models can have a significant impact on their aspirations, particularly those who come from areas that are more socially deprived.


Our aim

'In-Telly-Gent' focuses on the production of videos of inspirational and aspirational stories for children and young people. We aim to provide role models and positive stories to improve aspiration in children and young people to motivate them to aim higher and reach their full potential and not be limited by stereotypes. 


How it works

We identify potential speakers, and having sourced funding for the project, we interview the speaker and capture it on video, which is then edited. Where possible, we partner with a school to run workshops about interviewing and videoing techniques. Pupils formulate the interview questions. On the day of interview, selected children interview the speaker while others video the interview. This is then edited by our post-production experts. 


All videos are made accessible independently through a video hosting platform, so can be used at home and in the classroom. 



Our videos are created using a software that enables us to drop questions into strategic points of the film. Anonymous data gathered from these questions can demonstrate a short-term impact on the aspirations of children. Online evaluations will also be made available to teachers in order to capture some of the evidence from classroom discussions prompted by using the films in a school environment. 



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