Strategy development

All too often organisations embark on digital learning because they succumb to peer pressure; that is, they feel that if everyone else is doing it, they should too. At Mirrabook, we are clearly advocates for digital learning, but we also believe it has to be done with purpose. For example:

  • Are you a college that feels your students are looking for something more innovative and engaging?
  • Are you an employer looking to provide flexible learning/training opportunities for your staff?
  • Are you an organisation that would like to provide additional value to your customers by providing digital learning?
  • Are you a university that wishes to market your credit-bearing courses by offering free online learning as a taster?
  • Are you a business looking to create digital learning to generate a new income stream?

At Mirrabook we work with you to identify your aims for digital learning and develop short- or long-term strategies to ensure you achieve these aims. This ensures your digital learning investment is working as hard as possible for you. 


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