Retained services

Few organisations with an education need are able to employ full-time the services of an expert in digital learning. Consequently marketing professionals, communication professionals, IT support and teachers, who are often not expert learning technologists, step into digital learning roles, but with no expertise in this area. Either way, the results often fall short of what is desired and can be costly. At Mirrabook, we bring together the best of both! Our staff are both qualified educationalists and experienced learning technologists who put learning at the centre our work. 


We can work with you to identify a range of services that your organisation needs to grow its digital learning capacity - for example, a strategy, operational plan, staff training and then facilitation of digital lessons in the classroom - to put together a package that suits your needs. These services can be secured with a monthly fee, allowing your organisation to spread the cost and also save money on the overall cost. 


To discuss our retained services, please contact us


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