Digital learning services

Our staff has vast experience in all facets of digital learning, ranging from full online distance learning courses, to single interactive activities, to video accessible via a virtual learning environment that might supplement face-to-face teaching, to delivering synchronous interactive mobile learning in the classroom. 


We believe that creating online learning is a little like building a car. A car build starts with the construction of a good framework and then as the car moves through the factory each specialist adds another component. On completion, the car is tested and then delivered. Similarly, creating online learning is a 'team sport' that might involve some or all of the following:

  • an educational lead who defines what content needs to be delivered to meet specific learning objectives
  • an online learning designer who considers the learning and how it should best be delivered interactively and in bite-sized chunks that build on each other for an optimal learner journey
  • a learning technologist who selects the best software for the job and undertakes the technical build of the course or resource
  • the all-important project manager, who potentially overseas the project timeframes, budgets, and the quality assurance process. 

At Mirrabook, we can help you with all facets of your online learning project. 


To discuss your digital learning needs, please contact us

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