Classroom facilitation

'Technology won't replace teachers, but teachers who use technology will probably replace those who do not.'


Regardless of how tech-savvy your teaching staff might be, the introduction of a new technology into the classroom can cause some anxieties, as it takes teachers out of their comfort zone. 

  • They may not be 100% comfortable with the technology.
  • There may be questions about whether the technology will work in the classroom environment (for example, will it be hindered by poor wifi signals).
  • There may be questions over the use of data gathered when delivering a synchronous lesson using technology.


Mirrabook's expert staff can work alongside educators to pre-test technologies are working in the classroom environment where they will be deployed. We can then work alongside teachers during lesson delivery, to quickly resolve any glitches they may experience or questions that might arise. This ensures a positive experience for teachers and students using the technology for the first time. 


To discuss your classroom facilitation needs, contact us.

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