Corporate sponsorship


'An organisation's true value is measured by the good it does in the world.'


We are always on the look out for new corporate sponsors for our social projects.


Benefits of corporate sponsorship include:


A chance to make a significant impact on the lives of children

Primarily, your organisation has the chance to make a positive impact on the lives of children and young people. Our digital learning projects ensure they have the opportunity to reach their full potential and not feel limited by the diminshed expectations society places on them associated with their socio-economic background, gender, race, disability or learning difficulty. 


Significant tax benefits from your charitable donation

Limited companies can pay less corporation tax when they make a donation to non-for-profit charitable work. This is done by deducting the donation from the company's profits prior to calculating the tax owed.


Your branding alongside ours on any digital learning resource you fund

If your organisation sponsors the development of a digital learning resource, with your consent, we will add your company logo alongside ours to the resource. The nature of our digital learning is that it is freely available via the internet, so can be accessed nationally, and indeed globally.


A chance to align your corporate social responsibility with your business service

We have a variety of different social projects, and it is likely that one will fit nicely with your organisation's services. For example, an accountancy organisation might like to fund the development of some digital learning resources about mathematics in our 'Inspired Minds' project, which is linked to the national curriculum. A medical supplier might like to support the development of digital learning for our 'Living with...' project that supports children with long-term health conditions. An engineering firm might help us create resources for 'Like a Girl', which aims to promote girls in science, technology, engineering and mathematical careers. 


Increase your profile through press coverage

We aim to obtain press coverage to promote our social resources as they are released, and would invite your organisation to be a part of this. 


Achieve visibility through Mirrabook's channels

Your contribution will be acknowledged through our social media, website and our supporters.


Contribute to your organisation's corporate social responsibility

Purchasing behaviours are changing as buyers are placing more emphasis on sourcing based on corporate social responsibility. In 2000, 27% bought primarily for ethical reasons, but this has risen to 47% in 2012 and continues to increase. In 2012, 50% of buyers avoided products/services based on reputation linked to corporate social responsibility; this also continues to rise. By supporting a not-for-profit community interest company like Mirrabook, you are contributing to your corporate social responsibility profile. 


An opportunity to align your branding with our values

Supporting Mirrabook allows you to align your organisation with our following values:

  • equal opportunity
  • reaching full potential
  • learning is for life
  • knowledge is empowering
  • open access
  • inclusion
  • innovation
  • engaging
  • skill development
  • quality
  • creative.


To enquire about corporate sponsorship, please contact us


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